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Our primary goal for our patients is a lifetime of good dental health. Prevention of dental disease is the best way we can attain that goal. We spend a great deal of time educating our patients about dental disease and how to prevent it. We also use the latest diagnostic tools to help us detect and treat disease at an early stage.

    • Periodic exams, cleanings and oral hygiene instruction
    • Periodontal evaluation to monitor the health of your gums
    • Digital Radiographs, which decrease radiation exposure by as much as fifty percent
    • Oral Cancer Screening
    • Diagnodent and CariVu utilizing laser technology and transillumination to detect and treat decay at earlier stages and reduce radiation exposure through less frequent use of dental radiographs
    • Fluoride
    • Pit and Fissure Sealants

Children’s Dentistry

We love kids and enjoy working with them. Children are often our best patients because they do not have any pre-conceived fears of the dentist and we do all we can to make sure they don’t develop any. Our parents often remark that their children have fun coming to the dentist and look forward to their visits.


Your smile is an important asset and we work with you to make sure yours looks great! We have a variety of services to help you keep smiling.

    • Bleaching- We offer both in office bleaching using the Sapphire Light (Trademark) and the more economical take home custom tray system.
    • Bonding- We use the latest generation of composite materials to help patients improve their smiles. Bonding can be used to close spaces, cover discolorations, repair chipped teeth and in some cases to give the appearance of straighter teeth.
    • CAD/CAM Ceramic Restorations – With the help of CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Machining) we can create life-like restorations that offer outstanding fit and utilize a variety of the latest generation of dental ceramics.
    • Orthodontics – We utilize both fixed and removable braces (including Invisalign) to help our patients achieve straighter alignment and a better bite. We also work closely with Orthodontic specialists on more complex cases.
    • Porcelain Crowns and Veneers – With the help of our locally operated laboratory we are able to create long-lasting, lifelike restorations for our patients and solve a variety of cosmetic problems. We also utilize Lumineers when appropriate.


When you are confronted with decayed, broken or missing teeth, we have a variety of methods to help you get your teeth back into shape.

    • Composite Restorations - These tooth colored restorations help restore the integrity of your tooth and get rid of those ugly silver fillings.
    • Crowns - For teeth that are more severely involved, crowns can offer the answer. We utilize a local laboratory and pick from a variety of materials that will best suit your needs.
    • Implants - We work with a team of specialists that allow us to replace missing teeth with implants that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
    • Bridges - In those cases where implants are not an option, fixed bridges can offer good cosmetic results and natural function.
    • Removable Appliances - Finally, for those situations that dictate a more economical approach, we offer a variety of removable appliances to restore your smile.

Sleep and Bite Appliances

Many patients and their partners do not sleep as well as they would like. A great number of those that don’t sleep well may have sleep apnea or snoring problems. It is always best to be evaluated by a physician who specializes in sleep disorders. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, your physician may offer a variety of potential treatments. We offer several dental sleep appliances that may be a solution for your problem. 

People don’t often think about their bite, but it can be a problem for some patients. When a patient’s bite is off, we call it malocclusion. This can result in clenching and grinding patterns that result in premature wear and broken teeth. We analyze the bite patterns of our patients and then make recommendations to help them deal with their malocclusion. As part of this therapy, we may recommend one of several different occlusal bite guards.


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